Thursday, September 3, 2009

Be BloND!!!!

I meT 25 Year Old BelGIan Hair DRessERMr. PerSon Non GraTA iN berLIN, WherE he Is Based. WhaT was SuPPosed to Be a WeeK OF CRaShIng On His CouCh TurnED IN tO 2 mOnths.. DurInG ThIs Time He TerrorIzed Me, I hAd NighTmAres Of HIM BleaCHing MY HaiR whIle I WAS AsleeP. I fiNally Gave In to His BeggINg To mAKE me a bloNd And Haven't LookED baCk SinCE! PerSONA nON Grata Is KnowN for His sharP 60'S iNspired CutS and nEvEr beFoRE SEeN Hair coloURs! He Works frOm a Studio In his ChiC MittE ApaRTmenT in whEre ScenE kIds cOme From Far and WIde for One oF his FAb cUts. He AlsO Cuts Every Moday NighT At TrEndy B'Barbie Deinhoff's" In KreUTzberG ( AnyWAy I ObviOUsly ThouGht he Was interviEw woRthY...

Me: So.. TEll Me How YoU goT Into Hair DressIng and HoW DiD IT beCome YouR JoB?
PerSona NoN GRatA: I met my friends, ELECTRA Brussels, Hugo and Alex some years ago and they totally changed my sissy gay magazine vision of a hairdresser I had. Their vision is more architectural or sculptural. Hairdressing is not really my profession, more my passion. I don't wanna be a hairdesser full time, I am just good in it and love it.At 16, I got into the polytechnical university and studied applied mathematics and science for 3 years. then i started Advertising studies, pre and post editing of photos for advertising or editorials. and then starting to do basic hairdressing in my friends salon on the weekend that's why hairdressing interest me more as a concept, as mathematics, reports of angles or physics, applied theories of light for hair colours.

M: HoW dO yoU ThiNK PeoPle VieW YouR ProfEssioN?
P: I guess for many people, as it was for me before, think hairdressing is a really superficial job or universe and hairdressers have most of the time a bad and cheap image in the society.
But like in every job, there are skills to have, there is a scale of quality and you can always push the sophistication or precision forward.
M: WhAt InfluEncEs And INspIreS Your WorK?
P: I am really inspired by everything spacy or futuristic, i hate to drop names but Gareth Pugh, Balenciaga for actual fashion or Pierre Cardin or Courreges in the 60's.To that, I would mix 80's cartoon Jem and the Holograms, which is my principal inspiration, neon colors,crazy haircuts, over made up and slutty; Andy Warhol even if it is a boring and usual inspiration and Jeremy Scott's pop fashion.
Photography I would say David Lachapelle, Pierre et Gilles, Erwin Olaf and all the other photographers that worked for Lavazza (haha) but of course, there are many more. I think also it's important to think out of the box and get inspiration elsewhere not only in proper art or glossy prints.

M: haVE yoU AlwAys BeeN CreatIve?
P: I think creativity is something you have or you don't and you have to accept it! I was always creative but in my early days, when you are a little young boy, as being creative is being and thinking different, it's hard to handle with the others. But when you grow up, you actually understand that it can be a gift and you appreciate it more.I think nowadays it's a "cool" thing to be creative and therefore everyone is an "artist". I think people should really listend to what they are and do what they are good at, so it doesn't keep on creating a generation of artsy fartsy with no real talent or good ideas but just a big mouth (scandal!). I know many hard working and talented people and they never pull through cause they are pushed away by boring old normative people.
M: What IS YouR FavoritE LooK OR StyLe For HAiR?
P: For the hair, I am really inspired by the work of Vidal Sassoon. I am not really into what the brand does nowadays but the early 60's or 70's work was just stunning. I think vidal sassoon's 60's cuts were really sophisticated and therefore high maintenance. I think it's one of the reasons that people don't like big cuts anymore, it's to hard to keep perfect. Now it's more, slice all the hair, so "get up and go to work", no bathroom and hairdryer.
Those 60's style cuts are my favourite because there is a strong edge to it.
M: aNy AdviCe For PeoplE WITH baD HAiR?
P: I have to admit that I see a lot of people with bad haircuts and some of those can really rock it and wear it perfectly. so i guess a good hair cut or being well dressed is not so important if you can make it amazing.

M: WhaT Do YOU Do FoR fuN?
P: My fun is to make people blond. i'm a bleach-a-holic or a serial bleacher, call it as u want! I wanna reproduce a group of blond clones like in the movie "the village of the damned" inn geometric cut and white or silver hair, my 2 specialities. Copyrighted colour (haha).
M: So.. YoU Like To TakE PictuREs?
P: I like to style and take photos and then post edit them on photoshop a lot! 80's glam rock and bright colours are my favourite features! I also like to make them really cartoonish and add a bright light at the sight, like Morticia Addams.
M: WhaT KInd Of people DO yoU Like To PhotogRaph?
P: I like to take pictures of charismatic people, people who don't look so amazing but who have a really strong personnality and beautiful faces, even if it is really hidden behing thick glasses or cheesy clothes.
M: anY FuTuRE Plans?
P: Maybe have sex with prince harry, or madonna.
M: loL ThanKs FoR chaTTinG witH me BabE!

maKe Sure TO CheCk OuT His wEBsiTe He IS ComING tO LondON At tHe enD oF SeptemBer for a FEW dAYs! eMaiL Him Or Me TO maKe aN aPPointMEnt for YouR cut!

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