Monday, September 21, 2009


These Are a Few pICtUrEs Of a shOoT jAmal AND i sTylEd iN bRixtON. ThE shOOt wiLL appeAr In NeXt IssUe OF whAtsON mAgazinE. OuR MOdEl DiDn'T shoW Up So WE enDEd Up Using OUr fRieNdS LauREn AnD raVI whiCH reaLLy WorKEd oUt iN thE enD! phOTogRaphERs VaNeSSa AnD NaroA tooK ThE pIctureS..It Was A reALLy FuN daY! jAMal haS A fEw morE piCtuRES of tHIS shOOt uP oN hiS boG iF YoU Want To See ThE REsT!

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