Saturday, September 5, 2009

I <3 ReH doGG!

I tOOk THiS PicturE Of JamaL iN thE shOweR A FeW MonTh$ AgO aNd soMeOne CoMMenTed On It BY POstING a Link To A mU$iC viDEo On Face BooK! ThaT is HoW I caMe to FINd OUt AboUT Reh DoGG.. He IS amaZinG iN My OpInion, Love ThE LiriCs anD ciNemAtogrApHY! I hoPe yoU LikE/LoVe him tOO :)

WhY MusT i Cry:

WaTcH My floW:

yOu SAY I'M ugLy:

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