Friday, September 4, 2009

I wenT TO berLIN !

I LiveD In berLIN In 2008 And RevisiTing Is alwAys straNge. GoinG TherE on HolIDAy Is ToTaLLy DifFEREnt YoU REaLize It's A reaLLy Slow CItY, EverY daY feEls LikE SundaY and No One REaLLy WoRks. AnoTher ThinG I nOticED Is That KidS DoN'T reAlly TrY And Be "cooL" or "treNDY", DresSing UP SeeMEd To Be FrOWNed Upon! WhEn I stARTED weARiNG THat SAme graY DRess FOR Like THe 3Rd TimE IN a RoW I KneW It Was tiMe To GeT BacK to LondON! Yikes! I Did ReaLLy EnjoY mY, trIP faSHIoN asiDE. It Is A sUPEr RelaxINg Place To G oN HOliday! We GoT FuckD in paRKS mOSt OF ouR tRIP,Ate Loads OF BruncheS, waFFleS anD sHakeS, ZOOt, SaW aN amAziNG HelMUt NewToN eXhIBiTion AnD The BErliN Wall !!

HeRE aRE Some SnaPs ThaT wE tOOk on ThroW awAy caMERaS:

Me In FRonT Of THe BerLIn Wall..
us In THE paRK..
In A SQUAt..
My 21St!

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