Thursday, September 17, 2009

LIkE HelLo!

YesTeRDaY I PoSeD For ThE FaShIoN illUstRATIOn ClaSS At CentraL St. MArtins. i HaD BEEn reAlLy EXcITEd To SEE WhAT ThE COurSe WoUld BE LiKe And to ChEcK Out How The faShIon studeNtS PreSenteD tHemselvEs (SeeING As so MAnY gOOd AnD GReaT ArtiSts AttEnDEd THE ScHool).. OMG i wAs shOcKeD thERE WaS nOT ONE WEll/ReMotEly WEll DReSSEd PeRSON In SIghT!.. ThE StUdENts WErE GrOSSed OUT by THE BUffAlos I WOre.. hAhA!

AnYwAY As YoUcaN iMaGInE SITTiNg stILL aLL day GiveS YoU a lOt of THinKInG TimE and duRinG This time I cAmE Up witH ThE makeUp BEllOw. I waS VeRy InspiRed By the Hair in McQuEEnS spRinG/suMMeR 2oo9 CoLLEcTiOn and tHe makEuP in THe LatesT MaRC JacOb ShOw aNd JAmAl's MakeUp IS QuiTe MCqEEn auTuMn/WInter 2009, NoT That THE mAKEuP i DiD lookS MuCh Like anY Of thOSe InflUeNcEs.. So YEstErday As SoOn AS I GoT HOmE I had to REalizE mY "visiON" anD I haVe been DyInG to PuT iT Up EvEr SinCE :)

tO sEE ThE Fab MakeUP In ThIs seAsOns MarC JaCoB show LooK HerE thE HaIr In tHaT shOW is GReat Too! To SeE ThE HAiR In thE McQuEEn ShOw lOOk HERe JamaLS BloW Up doLL slash WEirDo CloWn makEup was Inspired BY THis McQeeN show anD that's ALL!

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