Monday, September 7, 2009

$tyLe HuNtIng & GeTTing PiSsEd on BricK Lane

I'M $uPer BRoKe So I SolD Some Of My Lame clothe$ ON bRick LAnE MarkEt WiTh LaUReN ANd JAmAl YesTeRDAy.. BrICK laNe iS KnOwN fOr aTTracTing "cOOl" PeoplE and PrEttY MUCH EvErYoNE THeRE Is PHotOGraPhinG tHEM For ThEiR veRY Own BloG$.. AnyWAy.. JaMaL AnD I ArE nO DiFFeREnt BuT WE WerE SeLeCtive WiTh oUr SuBJeCTs....We ThINK thESE PeOPLe HavE SomeTHiNG fun, SpeCial and DiFFeRENT! :)
LaUreN, JAmaL & i At OuR StaLL

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