Friday, September 11, 2009

ViViEnnE WeStWooD CamPaiGn shoT by JuRgEN TeLLEr

oK! So I KNOw THiS CaMpaIgn IS oLd NeWs But it Is SOOO NiCe! I HAvE ThE BooK WiTh All thE PiCtUrES.. It'S caLLEd ELECTion DaY...In THE BOOk aRE pIcTurEs Of paM, ViV (eTC) AND QUeeNs of ThE StonE AgE all Shot By The AMAZInk jurgEn teLLerony.. I LOve His Work SO muCH (gOOgLe Him iF you doN't knOw hiM)!

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