Friday, September 25, 2009

weeKenD spEcial.. ToP 6

JamAL anD i had ThE PlaN to doCumEnT oUr LooKs eveRy DaY fOr A montH WhICH wAS reAllY ambitiOus Of Us and IT GoT harDEr and hArDEr GeTTing dreSSed Every morning, EspEciaLLy bEcause We diDn't wanT any spEnT the DAy at HomE In my tracksuIT LooKS. IT EVENTUALLy BECAME A "WEEKEND spEciaL" and We DIDn't EvEn FiNISH the MOnth doiNg that lol.. AnyWays here Are mY thRee favorite LooKS I WoRe anD JAmal's ThreE favOrItes That he WoRe:

loCatioNs WerE RealLy ImpoRtanT! don't Know wHY we WerE so IntO thE RoUnd BordER oN thEm BuT oncE we StaRTed We CoUlDn'T eXactlY stOp.. Ja..

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