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Saturday, March 27, 2010

aT thE stAtiOn

thE nEw i-D CovErs

i-D is feeling fresh for Spring 2010. Natalia is photographed by Paolo Roversi while Freja and Sasha are shot by Emma Summerton for the new issue which is out soon.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

HolIday FeVer!

A FuN videO to Get sEt the Holiday MooD!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Almo$T FRidaY

GoinG to JobuRg TomOrrOw FoR the FIrSt TimE! can'T waIT! Jam did This SHooT thAT I lOVE!! he TooK the Pics and STylEd iT.. cAn'T waIt to Get hold Of ThoSE shOes toMOrrow!
See His BloG


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

chArliE lE MinDu A/w 2o10

East London’s club kids were up early, as London Fashion Week kicked off withCharlie Le Mindu’s extravaganza. With the energetic and amazingly dressed audience - their own hair coloured, sprayed and shaved to perfection - watched Charlie’s ever more impressive hair cascading from wigs, hair pieces and capes showed his unique skill and creativity. Shiny black manes covered crucifixes, fabergĂ© eggs and black lacquered roses, all having been given Charlie’s magic touch. It was thrilling and filled the void that Gareth Pugh left when he packed up for Paris. It was an upbeat, optimistic start to the week, with the youth, creativity and optimism that London Fashion Week is all about!

WrIttEn by Grace JoeL


I can't BelievE i goT involed In this! this girL caLLed Sarah Picton appRoached Me through Jam to be Featured in One Small Seed magazine, she was so unprfessional! it started with sending us about 4 pages of questions and DEmandiNG that WE get Them anSwerEd in A ridiCulouSly Short Amount OF time..shE onlY used 2 of thE most CHeesY quesTIOns in The magazinE and the rEst of the text consisted Of her EXtremE poInts OF viEw oN FAshion that arE complEtelY noT whAt I wanT to BE assOciated wiTH! She Was thE woRst, TextinG me All dAy foR diFFereNT thiNGs..whY noT juST seNd us AN emAil StatiG eVerythinG you Need??? tO toP iT of shE puT a PIc of MY sistER inSteAd oF me IN the ProFIle pagE..wE Do Look SimIlar BUt COME ON! At lEast SomE of OUr woRk was Shown and I hoPe pEoplE see HOw bAd a WritEr she iS! I will Be thinkinG twice befoRE i GEt iNvolVed In somethINg like that in the future..TO thINk That She thiNks she IS doiNG us A favouR.....

Monday, March 8, 2010

gO FanI!


DinO's Fave thIs seASon so FAr..!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

jAm is doCumENtinG onCE aGaIN ! THe liTTle WenCH!

LittlE dOes He knOw thAt hE is 100% DREnched In wEnch! looK At All thE lOOks On hiS blOg: